School Snacks

I am lucky enough to be able to volunteer, at least once a week, in Little Snackers second grade classroom. Each day the children in her class bring in a snack to eat, they have a late lunch, so the children need a little snack to get them through the morning. I am always shocked when I see the types of snacks the children are eating: chips, cookies, candy and lots of other processed foods. I really try not to make judgments about the way parents raise their children but how is a child suppose to get energy for their brain and bodies by eating a bag of potato chips? I think we all need to be more conscious when it comes to the types of foods we feed our children. There are so many yummy, healthy and portable snacks that a child could take to school: fruit (fresh or dry), whole grain crackers, granola (not the sugar filled bars) or muffins.  Friday’s are test days at Little Snackers schools so today I packed her a banana for snack, not only does it have natural sugars to give her a little energy boost but it’s loaded with nutrients like: potassium which is beneficial to our heart, nerves, kidneys and bones, they are also loaded with fiber and they contain vitamin B6 which is beneficial to our blood.  It’s worth the extra time to help our children make the right food choices!


About snacktasticbecker

I am a big believer in it real foods, not overly processed boxed foods. When I go grocery shopping for my family I purchase mostly organic foods and local foods. All of the recipes I post will be made using organic foods (when possible). Making sure my family is making conscious food choice and educating my daughter on where our food comes are my number one priorities.
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